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Elaine Ninnes

We like to regularly shine the spotlight on one of our team so you can find out

more about the people who make Mustard Seed special.

This time we are introducing our longest-standing trustee, Elaine Ninnes, who is married to Dave and has two adult daughters.

Elaine is a lunchtime assistant in a primary school and previously worked as a SENCO, supporting children with a range of additional needs at a local pre-school.

She first got involved with Mustard Seed when we were a small team of volunteers supporting children with additional needs in our local church, so she has been with us for a really long time! She was keen to continue supporting us as we set up the charity and joined our trustee board in 2013.

Elaine quietly works behind the scenes to help make Mustard Seed a success. She has seen the charity grow from our tiny beginnings and is working to help us grow so we can better meet local need.

We asked her to share her experience of being a trustee:

"I have gained much more understanding of how autism can affect each child and their family, and now appreciate what little help is out there to support them. I have been a trustee for 8 years and I am still gaining an understanding of how much more can be done with funding. I like the challenge being a trustee gives me and I enjoy helping out where I can. I’ve attended fundraising events and training courses, which I found very informative, and promotional evenings which have been fun. I find it exciting when we get grant money in and then see a new support system put in place which is such a benefit to the families."

We really appreciate Elaine's encouragement and kindness to the team. It means so much to have people who are committed to Mustard Seed and our families. Some final words from our lovely trustee....

"I’m so amazed at the way we have moved the charity forward to provide such a wide range of support that is so needed for local families. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen in the future as we grow with continued support and funding."

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a trustee, take a look at our 'Recruiting Trustees' post.


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