Frimhurst Community Newsletter Interview with Stacy Reilly

Our very own Stacy Reilly was recently interviewed for the Frimhurst Community Newsletter by Tom Croft, ATD Fourth World.

What do you do at Frimhurst?

I support Mustard Seed Autism Trust with admin work and with their Chill Out Zone and Friendship Zone groups. The Chill Out Zone helps children who are highly anxious identify what makes them anxious and find strategies to help them relax. Children who come to the Friendship Zone practice social skills like how to disagree politely, how to give and take compliments and how to start conversations or greet people. We also help them with self care skills.

How did you get involved and what keeps you involved?

I have supported Mustard Seed as volunteer for ten years, right from the beginning when they were based in my local church before they became a charity. [I especially value working] with "hard to reach" families with children who have very challenging profiles. Small breakthroughs mean so much, such as a mum recently phoning us up to tell us excitedly that her little girl had taken something on board she had learnt [at the Friendship Zone]. A small step that makes a real difference.

What's special about volunteering at Frimhurst?

I really like the fact that the different organisations with the same underlying aims of supporting families in a caring way are working side by side, sharing the same office and the house. Being together helps us see things from different perspectives and we can learn from each other, from how we each try to support families to support themselves. We have the same ethos. Something I love about working at Frimhurst is the way you can really feel the seasons here as you come up the driveway. I find this [connection with nature] helps me to focus on the things that are important in life.


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