Our team of professional staff and volunteers offer an holistic approach in dealing with the complex needs of families living with autism.

The charity provides practical support for children with their communication, motor co-ordination, sensory and emotional difficulties, through a range of therapies and activities. These include Sensory Motor and Processing Therapy, Therapeutic Listening, Play Therapy and practical support with social, emotional and communication issues. We use a variety of approaches and techniques including TEACCH, PECS, social stories, Attention Autism, Intensive Interaction and behaviour strategies using visual supports and play skills.

We offer support to parents and siblings and we also recognise the need for joined up working with other professionals involved with the families and offer support to schools and local organisations.

Unique features of our service:

  • Self-referral

  • A holistic approach

  • Working across the autistic spectrum

  • Working in the home or in a professionally equipped venue

  • Accessible to all regardless of financial status

  • Dedicated to autism awareness and training

Mustard Seed Autism Trust also provides professional training to local schools and organisations on various autism-related topics and operates a social enterprise in North Hampshire offering occupational therapy to children from two to nineteen within the school environment.


Mustard Seed Offers Support to the Whole Family

Children on the autistic spectrum face daily challenges as they grow and develop throughout their lives.  Without specialist support and intervention these challenges can become significantly overwhelming for both the child and the family.

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