The OT for Schools service is Mustard Seed's social enterprise for Occupational Therapy (OT) in the North Hampshire area, expanding our services to children outside of the home environment.

This service is available to support any child with sensory and/or motor skills difficulties (not just those with Autism).

Our aim is to provide an affordable OT service, within the educational environment, for children aged 2 - 19 years who have:

  • Sensory processing difficulties affecting motor skills, behaviour and function.

  • Motor skills difficulties.

  • Fine motor and handwriting difficulties.

  • Developmental delay.

  • Children whose functional issues are impacting on specific aspects of the curriculum.

  • Children who do not necessarily have a diagnosis but who have needs affecting their academic potential.

  • The service will not cover children with a physical disability.

Our service covers mainstream pre-schools, primary, secondary schools, colleges and special schools.

We offer:-

  1. The opportunity to purchase Occupational Therapy directly from Mustard Seed OT for Schools Service, including OT services that are not currently provided for by local health providers.

  2. A reduced waiting time and easier access to intervention that meets the child's needs.

  3. Highly trained and experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapy staff to assess and treat children/young people.

  4. Training and support to education staff.​

Any profits made from the OT for schools service will go into the charity work of Mustard Seed Autism Trust which supports families living with Autism.


Please contact us for more information about this service:


Or telephone 07794 254 985 and leave a message stating you have an enquiry for OT for Schools.